Support Groups & Other Resources

Crisis Intervention/Hotline

Samaritans English Help Line (Bangkok & Chiang Mai)
02-713-6791 (for English)
--This is a free, suicide intervention hotline service. They use a call back model. The client calls, leaves a number and a trained, hotline volunteer (either a native English speaker, or someone fluent in English) will call them back within a short time.

12 Step Support Groups
Al-Anon Meeting in Bangkok (and around Thailand)- for family members and partners
NA Meetings in Bangkok (and around Thailand)  NA Helpline is 02-231-8080
Overeaters Anonymous
   There are weekly meetings in Bangkok at Jai Samarn Church in Nana (as of March 2014).  You can find the current schedule and contact information here.

Codependents Anonymous
   CODA Bangkok information here; incredibly valuable resource for people making this relational journey.

Sexual Addiction
Tuesday evenings at Bangkok Recovery Club (as of June 2016)

Resources for Educational Problems:
Acorns to Oaks Center provides various kinds of support for children with school and learning problems.Reed Institute and Village Education Centre also provide educational assessment and interventions for children and teens who have learning and behavioral problems.

Hypnotherapists: Caveat Emptor. This is an area where training, standards and credentials really vary. Look for someone who meets high standards of credentialing, with extensive supervised experience. At this time, there are no hypnotherapists I feel comfortable referring clients to in Bangkok.  There are several individuals advertising services as hypnotherapists who have only been trained as hypnotists; this includes people using the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) as a credentialing authority.  This credential includes little or no supervised, practical experience.  

[If you hear/know about anything I should add to the list here, please contact me and let me know]